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Good morning! How To Make An Emotional Decision

How To Make An Emotional Decision

Do you avoid making tough decisions?  Procrastinate?  Are you immobilized with emotions such as fear, doubt, guilt, stress?  Would you like to be mindful and add all considerations into your decision-making?

This worksheet will quantify and organize the emotional aspects of a decision.  Bringing you relief, peace, completion.

Start with a standard 8 ½ X 11 sheet.  Draw a line down the middle, then across.  Next, what is your question?  What does your decision entail?  This is the most important part.  Clarity of inquiry will aid in clarity of outcome, and a useful decision.  If you would like help figuring out your question, ask someone.  Ask me!  If you have a coach, ask them.

Once you have your question in mind, frame it from only four viewpoints.  Such as: benefits of doing / drawbacks of doing / benefits of NOT doing / drawbacks of NOT doing.  Use this worksheet to figure out sticky emotional stuff like:

  • Take the job, or not
  • Quit the job, or not
  • Compare different jobs, with a worksheet for each (too complicated to put both on the same page just yet—we’re looking to quell the emotional static that gets in the way of decision making)
  • Buy a house
  • Sell a house in another state that’s upside down and at a loss (feel those emotions kick in?  That’s what I’m talking about here!).
  • Get married or unmarried
  • File bankruptcy (more emotions!)
  • Start a business
  • Close a business
  • Seek assistance with medical, financial, addiction, and any of the thousands of things we could use help with

Your quadrants may have different attributes.  Keep it simple for more success in gaining clarity and logic, with emotional static kept to a dull roar.

Ideation time!  Be curious, creative, relentless, outlandish, extreme, kind and loving.  Print ideas in each section and fill in approximately equal numbers of entries for each.  This takes digging down to the deep layers of emotion.  Create a masterpiece!  No limits!  What really matters? Write it down here, where you can see it.  More is better.

Now the fun part.  Decide how emotionally important each piece is. On a scale of 1 to 10, how emotionally charged is each item on the page?  Everything gets at least a 1, and you can go as high as 12 if you must.  Jump around from section to section so that you’re viewing your emotional reaction, not which section it’s in.  Print numbers in red.  Now add them up.  One section, or two, will have higher sums.  You measured your emotions regarding the tangled web that was keeping you from a clear and peaceful decision.  The highest number is your highest good.  Now do it before your emotions catch back up!  Your answer is organized, well thought out, logical, calm.  Congratulations.

Jeana Watts

Good morning!


Thank you Ricci Neer and Rock Star Media! Ricci is encouraging me to get my messages out to you. I’m on the path of learning, enlightenment, health, wellness, organized living and more.

I wondered if I should even bother and then read this horoscope: “Publishing a volume of poetry is like dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo,” said author Don Marquis, speaking from experience. Something you’re considering, Leo, may seem to fit that description, too. It’s a project or action or gift that you’d feed good about offering, but you also wonder whether it will generate the same buzz as that rose petal floating down into the Grand Canyon. Here’s what I think: To the degree that you shed your attachment to making an impact, you will make the exact impact that matters most. Give yourself without any expectations.”

Wow! Coincidence? I think not! So, I’ll be writing about various topics here and elsewhere, and you can do with them what you will.

I’ve done a few book reports here, for you, and for me to remember what I’ve learned and how to find it again. My math analysis teacher in high school taught us how to learn and research, and said that KNOWING where to find the info we seek is better than REMEMBERING it (and more accurate I suspect…). Look forward to more book reports, and a reference/resource list of some sort.

Mind/body/spirit topics will be covered, including Feng Shui (wanna feel energized and happy? Feng Shui is for YOU!), attitude, relaxation response and techniques, ways of being, ways of thinking, transformation, products and supplements and essential oils, interviews, videos, recordings, music, Q & A, and most likely more. One of my two favorite words, more. The other is both!

Let me know what is on your mind. I’ll explore it with you. I adore my friends for engaging in discussions and sharing themselves. I’ll be adding lots of content, and trust that it will be useful, without any expectations.

Love and hugs,

Jeana Watts